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BBQ and Smoker

Please clean both BBQ and Smoker / Pizza Oven after use. If the gas bottle runs out, there are replacements available at Coomba Park (Pollards General Store) or at Foodworks in Charlotte Bay. We will reimburse you for replacing any gas bottle. Just let us know.


For the smoker, it's BYO charcoal/smoking pellets (you can of course use wood from the property if it's dry enough / appropriate).

Bluetooth Speakers

We provide 3 powerful Bluetooth speakers for you to use. They can be taken anywhere on the property and are weather resistant. Press and hold the Bluetooth symbol until you hear the tone then search for the JBL device on your phone.


You are able to sync all 3 speakers if you really want to rock out. Read the guide in the bottom draw of the kitchen that’s right of the dishwasher.

Coffee Machine

Skip to 45 seconds and watch until 3 mins 15ish of this video ( and see you how to make a great coffee. It was the best and shortest video we could find :)  


If it’s too tricky or time consuming, the plungers make great coffee too!


The dryer is a ’condenser’ and the cartridge on the top left of the dryer needs to be emptied after each cycle.

You are welcome to use the fireplace. Please always ensure the screen is across so that sparks don’t hit the floor or furniture.


Fridge & Freezer

Please give the fridge and freezer doors an extra shove when closing. They can easily be left slightly ajar.

The collection of red bins is every Tuesday morning, yellow every second week.

We know it's a long way to the front gate but if you would be so kind to take a 500m stroll up and back, we would love it if you put bins out on Monday night..



Games Room

Enter and exit through the door at the back. Garage doors can be opened from the inside. Please lock from the inside. They are a bit fiddly to get the bar in.

Golf Driving Range

Please no shots longer than the 150m marker at the very most. Please retrieve as many balls as you can and don't remove yardage stakes.

Feel free to borrow the clubs for a round of golf in the area.

Google Home Nest WiFi

There are 4 Google Nest WiFi points that ensure a good connection across the whole house and down to about the fire pit.


They can be used as speakers from your phone or you can say ‘Hey Google’ and ask it questions or to play music.


The TV lamp can also be turned on and off by asking the Google Home.

We have enough heaters for everyone. Some live permanently in rooms and the others are stored in the walk-in wardrobe of the main bedroom for you to use as needed.


You will see a red piece of tape on the ground. Kids and beginners should hit from here.

Intermediate and advanced golfers can hit from the red tape further back.

Indoor Golf Net

Kitchen Sink

The hot water tap ‘off’ position is in the middle. You’ll sew what I mean when you go to turn it off.


To put the plugin out, push and lift the knob just behind the cold water tap.

Library / DVDs

In the ‘Library’ bedroom, the is a growing collection of books that are available for you to borrow. There is also a DVD collection that can be played in the Lounge or Cinema room. Please return all items back to the Library room prior to your stay concluding.

Fill the bath to ABOVE the spa jets prior to turning on. Press the button to turn on and off. Enjoy!

Main Bedroom Jacuzzi/ Bathroom Spa

Pro tip…. if your phone reception is weak (Vodafone and Optus aren’t great), your phone works extra hard constantly trying to find/maintain a signal. As a result, your battery drains very fast. Our suggestion is to switch mobile coverage off and to leave WiFi on. Tell your family to WhatsApp you (or use some popular alternative messaging / calling via the WiFi.

Mobile phone coverage

You are very welcome to explore and set up anywhere on the property. It ranges from rainforest to paddock, manicured lawns, and hidden spots for an afternoon nap with only birdsong for company.


Please provide feedback if there is anything missing from this guide that you think we should explain to future guests.

The Property


If you wish to keep the pool warmer, putting the cover on at night helps. It's totally optional to do this and is just a tip. You are also welcome to remove the pool cleaner if it's in the pool upon arrival.


We love people making friends with Blackie and Zorro. They mostly eat the grass in the paddock, but for a treat they love carrots, apples and bread.  Do not feed them anything else as it could make them unwell.


We have some simple rules to ensure your safety:

  1. Please no running, yelling or sudden movements around the ponies. We understand that kids can be unpredictable, so if you have young children, we suggest you interact with the ponies from the fence line while standing in the house paddock.

  2. Horse vision isn’t great and they can get surprised easily, particularly if they can’t see you.  Keep calm and speak quietly, using your voice to let the ponies know where you are.  

  3. Always approach the ponies at their shoulder, never front on and never walk behind a horse.


You can either feed them through the fence from the house paddock, or enter the pony paddock through the gate near the dam (some fences are electrified fyi). Blackie and Zorro may come up to meet you and will likely expect some food.  They are generally shy and are only likely to accept a pat while eating a treat.


Outdoor shutters are controlled by the remotes with each one controlling multiple shutters.

To operate…


All TVs are 'smart' with the ability to sign into all of your favorite streaming platforms on the TV itself. Alternatively, and probably more simply, you can 'cast' anything playing on your phone to the TV of your choice.


To 'cast', open the app of your choice on your smartphone and look for the rectangular icon with a 'wifi' symbol in the bottom left.


Tap on this, choose the TV you want to cast to and then it should start playing on the TV.


You should be able to now use your phone as normal (the phone does not need to be physically close to the TV. You can also control Play / Pause / Volume via the TV's remote control.

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