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We are lucky enough to have working relationships with both some Pacific Palms local legends who have been in the surf, yoga and catering game, in addition to the best of the best from down in Sydney. All instructors are fully qualified, insured, experienced and highly empathetic to where you find yourself on your surfing and yoga roadmap.

We guarantee that you will feel well looked after, safe and equipped with everything you need to know in order to improve and grow as a surfer and yogi. The team are always there for questions and are very adept at increasingly and decreasing difficulty to suit your capability and comfort level.

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Jolie Manza

Yoga Teacher & Founder, Yogakoh


The Founder of YogaKoh, and teacher of over 15 years, 2023 will be Jolie’s 10th year teaching and coordinating Yoga Teacher Trainings. She has graduated hundreds of students and can truly say she is happiest guiding people into new discoveries of their mind and body. Her first yoga influences came from her father, a spiritual man, who challenged her mind from a young age with yogic based philosophies and meditation. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado where she spent her youth studying dance and practicing yoga, which culminated in receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and movement studies from University of Colorado.

Her classes blend her love for the physical practice that shows up through creative movement and exploration, anatomy concepts, and inspiration from other movement modalities and continued studies. Her spiritually shines through in her teaching, as the philosophy of this practice is a pillar in her life. She is thrilled to be in a place to share and receive knowledge with such an incredibly community of people! She now resides in Sydney, Australia and is a mama to her little 3 year old

Gia Hope, the best teaching gig she's ever had :)


Matt Grainger

CEO, Manly Surf School

Matt Grainger is CEO of Manly Surf School and High Performance Surf Centre- Sydney running

Surf Programs, Team Building programs for Corporations , Conferences, School Groups

( Primary-High- Tertiary), Sydney Residents, Tourists ( Domestic- International), Elite Professional Surfers. The Manly Surf School now has grown to 50,000 students per year with a Team of 20 Qualified Instructors. Manly Surf School have just opened the new High Performance Surf

Centre - Sydney. A gym specific for Surfers from High Elite Professionals as Nathan Hedge, Cooper Chapman, Davey Cathels , Harley Ross Webster and Fraser Dovell, up and coming kids , and middle age surfers training for a surf trip or to have the edge.

Starting Coaching at the Warringah Council at 13 as a Junior Surf Instructor in 1983. Worked with World Champion Surfers Pam Burridge and Mark Warren. Became Head Instructor at the Warringah Council Surf School Program at 19. Was involved in public speaking to group sizes from (30 -300 persons) Surf Safety Presentations for the NSW State Government and the Education Department in 1988 , speaking to Primary and High Schools . Competed in NSW State Titles and Australian Titles. Competed at selected Professional Events whilst studying at the University of Technology , Sydney ( UTS) in Leisure Studies and completing that Degree in 1991. Became Employed as a Recreation Officer for the Royal Far West from 1991-1995 whilst doing selected Surf Competitions and chasing big waves.

Robert Underwood

Surf Coach

Growing up in Narrabeen Sydney, his earliest memories of the ocean were when his father tossed him into the waves as a young boy and he's been hooked ever since. Surfing is second nature to him and there has not been much time without a surfboard hooked under his arm and he knew he wanted to share this love with others.​

He is a location manager for the world-renowned Manly Surf School, in Sydney, Australia. Teaching to the thousands of eager learn-to-surf tourists and locals alike, he knows how to coach anyone into catching a wave. You may even have seem on the television series, Manly Surf, where he was able to take his love for surfing to a global audience! During his time in Manly he also travelled extensively throughout Europe, America and Asia coaching and Surfing. He began guiding boat trips in Maldives in 2010 and spends the surf season between the Maldives, Indo and Asutralia making sure all visiting guests reach their highest self potential! 

He is beyond excited to be guiding these retreats and is confident he will change your relationship with the ocean!

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Ash Divine

Wellness Coach & Founder, SaltAsh Collective

"Through a life of adventure, travel and fun I was always seeking HOME. I travelled the world in many careers, always trying new jobs related to working with people and our bodies. With a focus to health I always had a deep passion for wellness on all levels and it was soon that I realised Id fund HOME and had it all along. Here it was, this peaceful place wihtin my Mind & Body. And this is the passion that I now share trhough what I do. Guiding people back to a gentle and connective relationship to their bodies and a positive, peaceful expansive state of mind to live with limited pain, fluidity, ease & joy in all aspects of life. From my passion and dedication to all aspects of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Dance & Fitness I together bring these from my daily lifestyle to

share to the wider community for benefit of all. This continues to ‘Bring me back home’. Home to my heart and into my body finding a place of strength, stillness, fluidity and bliss. As a teacher, coach & space holder I pride myself on being true, gentle & soft with my people, genuinely sharing life lessons by weaving philosophy into the classes, coaching & spaces I share. Because of the profound benefits I see and experience myself. I am so incredibly humbled by what I do and the people i get to work with."

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