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During any given stay (or day) you could choose to simply arrive and never leave during your stay. Enjoy the quiet, the views, and all that the property has to offer. Read a book or two, play some games, hit some golf balls, explore the property or enjoy a drink whilst you take in your surrounds.

Turn right out of the property and Bluey's Beach Village is just 15 minutes away with cafes, restaurants, deli, bottle shops, general store, pharmacy, and boutiques. A minute, or two past the village you arrive at the stunning Bluey's and Boomerang Beaches.

Also in the 'Boomerang' area is Pacific Palms Recreation Club. Directly on the lakeside and one of our favorite sunset spots, they do excellent pub-style meals and $1 oysters on Sundays! The courtesy bus will pick you up and drop you off (subject to minimum numbers).


As you head north (still less than 20 minutes from the house), you will find the 7-mile Beach and a favorite trail walk of ours, that goes from the southern corner of 7 Mile Beach up and through Booti Booti National Park (it's quite steep) and down to the usually calm and flat, Elizabeth Beach.

A little further afield...


Forster is just 35 minutes away and has everything you would expect of a medium-sized town center (big supermarkets, cinemas, many restaurants). You can also book fishing charters and whale watching from here. The Tuncurry Golf Course is a top 100 course in the country and is just 40 mins away.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 8.02.20 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 8.02.20 am.png

35 minutes south from the house is the lost for words beautiful, Seal Rocks. Nestled in the Myall Lakes National Park, 'Seals' is as pristine as it gets. The rainforest meets some of the whitest sand and bluest ocean you're ever likely to see. You are also a very good chance of having a beach to yourself if you try hard enough. Look out for signs to Seal Rocks, Yagon, Lighthouse, and Treachery. The walk up to the lighthouse is very worthwhile. Incredible fishing, surfing, and clear water fun.


Needless to say, we don't think you will be at a loss for things to do!

If it is your first visit to the area, you may find yourself

planning your next trip before you finish your first.

We hope to have you and your loved one back many times.

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